For some people, these terms evoke embarrassment, sneers, or even pity. Not everyone. For a small group of people who really don’t understand the value of their time, these terms automatically conjure up thoughts of grandeur and opportunity. Not opportunity for fame and fortune, or even for bettering themselves, but for something that eclipses these pursuits...  Racing.

Many kids grow up thinking how cool it would be to become a race car driver. Almost none do. This is has to stop - Now. There is no shame in running around on the weekend indulging your adolescent desires... Paul Newman (RIP) did it for decades, and that makes it OK. It was cool when he did it, but we aren’t Paul, and neither are you, so be happy with OK.

The only thing keeping most of us from realizing the goal of race driving is opportunity. With the advent of a new genre of road racing, opportunity just got much, much easier to come by.

Luckily for those of us that can’t race all the time, there are places on the internet where we can waste time reading and writing about it. The sole focus of this site is endurance road racing in production based cars of little to no value to normal (boring) folks.

Crapcan.     Jalopy.     Beater.     Hooptie.

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